Friday 24 January 2014

SAAFMPC visit 22 Jan 2014 with Dad


My latest of many regular visits to the museum was a very special visit as I took my father with me .
It was special for two reasons:
Firstly, Dad is going to be 90 in August:
Secondly, Dad served at this very base for the duration of 1941, where he became a Flight Sergeant before being posted out.
It was very interesting walk down memory lane for him and he identified nooks and crannies to me that I had simply passed by in the years I have been visiting the museum.

One of these was the Women's Auxiliary Force mess. He explained, with his inimitable sense of humor, that day they would rapidly eat lunch in their mess and then hang around outside the WAF mess till all the "lovely ladies" would come out and they could charm them.

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