Aviation Photography

As with all young boys, there is a fascination for all things that have the power to fly. And so it was for me as well.
Our family home was in the direct line with the runway of the Waterkloof Air base.
Many happy moments of jumping up from the dinner table and running outside to identify the aircraft by sound has led to a lifetime of continued fascination with aircraft of all types.
A lot of opportunity has come my way with my involvement and commitment to the South African Air Force Museum Photographic Club.
Regular travel to airshows around the country, making sure to visit some of the smaller airfields scattered around the country has provided me with plenty opportunity to photograph many different types of aircraft.
Sales of aviation images taken by me of specific aircraft has been encouraging and many photoshoots on a custom basis have become a fair portion of my photographic studio's work.
I share some of these images on this page.
To set up your photoshoot do not hesitate to call me.
Air to Air, Air to Ground and Ground to air present no hassle to us.


This airshow never fails to produce the goods in terms of solid organisation and great aerobatic displays.This year was no exception.


MX2 at Zebula Airshow April 2014 (Right)

Kodiak with full prop disc (Below)

Boeing Stearman (Above)
Goodyear sponsored Eagles Pitts Special Aerobatics team performing at the Zebula Airshow (Right)
Boeing Stearman radial Biplane (Left)

Boeing Stearman Duo performing aerobatics at the Zebula Airshow (Below)

 MX2 in a race with Bentley at Zebula Airshow with Trojan and Harvard as backdrop (Left)

Goodyear Pitts Eagles Aerobatics at Zebula Airshow

Beechcraft King Airs together with smaller Beeches showing off their air manouverabilty at Zebula Airshow (Right)

MX2 doing its thing at Zebula

Trojan Duo at Zebula. I just love the sound of that radial engine. Music !!!

Kodiak on short takeoff

Atlas Impala Jet Trainer of Elite Jet and piloted by Willie Laas

Dean and co pilot in the Arrowcopter at Kittyhawk Aerodrome near Pretoria

Buccaneer in aircraft graveyard  (right and below)

Alouette 2 at Zwartkops Airbase

Puma of the South African Airforce  Museum at Zwartkops

Alouette 2 owned by the Pratleys

Elite Jet Impala Trainer piloted by Willie Laas. This image shot at Zebula Airshow in Limpopo

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