Saturday 14 August 2021


To state that 2020 was a lost year is an understatement of note.

Travel restrictions resulted, internationally and locally,in social distancing, postponing or cancelling public gatherings and events, even weddings and other functions.

Photographically speaking that spelt disaster in many ways as most corporate and other events photoshoots could not happen.

Social distancing does not make studio photoshoots an option, especially with having to wear a mask.

On the bright side, I did have the opportunity when restrictions were nominally relaxed, to do a few photoshoots in studio, appropriately distanced of course 😀.


This studio shoot was with a young lady Martine.

A very relaxed an unassuming young lady with an endearing smile.

I really enjoyed doing this photoshoot

Saturday 9 December 2017


The Musos Inc group has 5 to six events annually where well known artists volunteer their service to help raise funds for assisting those msicians lees fortunate than us.

The event has  a star studded "cast"of some our best known musicians.

Always an event to be remembered.

I have been privileged over the last years to be one of the official photographers for the event. 

You can view the rest of the images by clicking on the below link


Drummer of note John Marshall celebrating his 90 th birthday at the event.and  going strong, still doing several gigs a week
John Rautenbach still doing what he has always done on his double bass.
Left to Right: Steve Ashley and Brian Legassick of the Staccatos with Ebeth and Lance James, one of our favourite Country stars.
Annabel Linder remains as always, Annabel.

Steve Ashley waving his finger at my trusty Nikon

The resident Musos Inc band with Melody Bracy on the mike

Andre Hattingh on the right with her sister on the left

Roy van der Walt on the left with Greg Brown

Lance James with Johnny Kongos of Johnny and the G Men and Brian Legassick of the StaCCATOS

Maureen Donne and her sister Val enjoying the function
MC and Chairman of Musos Inc Mr Ian Flint

John Marshall taking a bow in honour of his 90th birthday
Lance James doing what he does best.

Rina Hugo also graced us with her presence.
Another brilliant drummer Tony Yoko

On the right is Benny Michel of the Benny Michel Band.In the middle is my Dad Willie Pokroy who played in Benny's band in the late 1940's and early fifties,They are still friends and are 94 and 93 years old respectively.

Andre Steenkamp, the "Siver Fox"' on drums and currently has his own band It Takes Four.
Heinrich Sutton is the youngest performer to perform at Musos Inc

Heinrich on Keyboards with Charlie Johnstone bssist of It Takes Four

Billy Forrest needs no intro.

Rina and her husband Johan

Harry Talas is evergreen. He played at my wedding nearly 40 years back.
Jenny Cantan

Brian Mulder gave a performance of note.
Another evergreen, Melody Bracy

Clive Bruce and Greg Brown deep in concentration
Brian Legassick of the Staccatos

GP van Oudtshoorn, singer from It Takes Four.


Friday 4 March 2016


The former President of the State of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, has just completed a highly succesful visit to South Africa. He addressed an enthusiastic and attentive large audience and held them spellbound during an interview on stage with the seasoned interviewer Paula Slier.
It was one of the highlights of my photojournalistic career to be commissioned to photograph him for the IUA/UCF who hosted the event at the Sandton Covention Centre.
Some of the images taken by me are viewable by clicking on the following link or copying and pasting it into your web browser

Wednesday 2 December 2015


The November event presented a few surprises for the photographers  and others who attended.
Firstly,in addition to the SAAF Museum aircraft, the Mustang and Cobra car clubs had some magnificent vehicles on show.
Then, to round off the morning young Bianca modelled for a few of us photographers. The lighting conditions were really not in our favour with very harsh overhead sunlight prevailing for the outside part of the shoot.
I share some of the images shot on the day :)
First the cars and aircraft:

And then we had the opportunity to photograph Bianca , with cars and planes and specifically a Mustang  P 51 Aircraft, one of my favourite planes