People portraits

  Recently I photographed my grandsons Callan and Clarke in an outdoor natural light setting.

Kerri in studio
Jenni in studio

Rivka in studio

Jess in studio

Darryl in studio
Whilst my passion for wildlife, nature and landscape photography has been my primary photographic interest, this does not that I have neglected my parallel passion for photographing for photographing people, both in a studio and out of studio environment.
I have strived for natural and not posed shots and the underlying element of all my shoots is that the models are always relaxed and visibly enjoying themselves.
Photographing children has been a special interest as they are relaxed little humans with none of the airs, graces and inhibitions of their more mature counterparts. They also impart an innocence which cannot be posed or acted out.
I truly believe that this shows in all my shoots.
I will be sharing technical tips from time to time on this website, which I sincerely hope will be of use.
 Rivka and Chana in studio shoot

Lea in studio shoot on Friday 21st December 2012, nearing the time that the earth was supposed to come to an end. Thankfully this did not happened and I live to continue with my photography.

Another shoot in a school shoot, of Malkie, one of my favourite young models

Gemma in another of a series of pre school shoots. A natural and vibrant young lady

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